Car Heaters

Don't sit shivering in your car for a full 10 or 20 minutes on cold winter mornings waiting for the engine to warm up. Car Heaters provide heat instantly in your car, so that even while you’re waiting for the engine to warm up, you would be completely comfortable inside. In summer, switch over to fan mode to enjoy a blast of refreshing cool air.

Car Heaters Kerosene Car heaters could warm you up in seconds with its efficient heat source. You simply plug the heater into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter or other 12-volt power source. It can be placed on the floor mat under your seat or on any other flat surface. If you prefer, the included easy mount kit lets you mount these portable car heaters right on your dashboard.

You could also use the heater in the back to supplement your car's standard heater and keep back-seat passengers warm all ride long. Or use it to quickly defrost the windshield or rear window.

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